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Movember 2009

Dalhousie Urology
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Dalhousie Urology

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Westbrook Wing

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Langille / MacDonald Family Road Trip
Sept. 2009

French River, Tatamagouche, NS. Settled by David and Jean Jacques Langille, who moved here from Lunenburg in 1772.

Gravesite of William Langille, Sunny Brae Cemetery, (River Road) south of Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Sept. 2009

A quick timeline:

David Langille: b 1715 Dampierre-les-Bois, France
Jean Jacques Langille: b 1736 Dampierre-les-Bois, France
Jean Georges Langille: b 1765 (March 17th) Lunenburg, NS
David Langille: b 1809 New Annan, NS
William Langille: b 1841 Tatamagouche, NS
Ells Langille: b 1884 Tatamagouche, NS
Roland Langille: b 1920 Tatamagouche, NS
Greg Langille: b 1952 Tatamagouche, NS
Gavin/Morgan Langille: b 1981 (March 17th) Halifax, NS

Seann Chladh Mhaou (Old Mabou Cemetery), West Mabou Harbour, Cape Breton

Seann Chladh Mhaou (Old Mabou Cemetery), Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

At left, the gravestone of Donald MacDonald. He emigrated to Cape Breton in the 1760's from Bohuntine, Scotland.

Donald fought alongside General Wolfe at Lousburg (1758) and Quebec (1759). He initially lived in Lower River Inhabitants, Cabe Breton after the war.

However, on the way to Quebec he noted the striking resemblance of this terrain to the hills of Scotland. He therefore acquired a land grant in what is now Mabou, Cape Breton.

On bitter winter days, my grandfather AJ MacDonald would say 'If it weren't for those hills we would all be living in the Carolinas right now...'

Gravestone of Donald MacDonald, Seann Chladh Mhaou (Old Mabou Cemetery), Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Remains of grist mill built by Donald MacDonald in the late 1700's. MacDonalds Glen, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Allan MacDonald and the one match campfire, Cape St. Lawrence, Cape Breton. Sept 2009. Northernmost point in Nova Scotia.

Cape St. Lawrence, Cape Breton

Allan MacDonald in Cape St. Lawrence, Cape Breton, Sept. 2009

After midnight, 30 second exposure, rocks lit by the campfire. It helps that there is no people or powerlines for miles. note the stars rotating around Polais (north star). Well, really its the Earth rotating (Dork!)

Cape St. Lawrence, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Sept 2009

Meat Cove, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Sept. 2009

Greg and Sandra Langille, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, Sept. 2009

3rd Ct. Greenwood, Nova Scotia. Home of the MacDonald Family 1950's (AJ MacDonald, Kathleen MacDonald, Al MacDonald, Wally MacDonald, Allan MacDonald). Sandra Langille (nee MacDonald) at right. Sept. 2009

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Sailing - June 2009

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Quingate Condo for Rent

1050 square foot condo for rent in Quingate Place:
2 levels
2 bedrooms
1.5 bathrooms
Laundry room with washer/dryer
Patio with BBQ
Great Location!
$1200 month beginning June 1st (yearly term preferred)

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Chicago April 2009

Chicago April 2009: hosting the AUA annual meeting
(View from Michigan Avenue)

Chicago Theater- North State Street.

Dr. Truro and Dr. Halifax

Michigan Ave

View from the Hancock Observatory

Off Wabash Ave